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Forum Advertising Photography with Third Edition!
During the COPI’S 2015 exhibition of advertising, printing and visual communications, the selection of the third edition of Forum Advertising Photography will be presented in the Inter Expo Center lobby.

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This time, the authors included in the exhibition are twelve (in alphabetical order):
Alexander Novoselski
Vasil Germanov
Daniel Lekov
Dilyan Markov
Dimitar Mitev
Encho Naydenov
Ivailo Stanev-Álvarez
Lubomir Sergeev
Marin Karavelov
Pavel Chervenkov
Peter Peshev
Temelko Temelkov

Thanks to the authors for the support!

After the end of the COPI’S exhibition, the exhibition will be presented in a gallery in Sofia for a more extended period.
An interesting detail is that for the first time in Bulgaria, the photographs will be presented on a unique photographic medium – large-format (60 x 80 cm) metal ChromaLuxe panels.
The images are printed on an Epson SureColor F6000 sublimation printer on a transfer media, then transferred to the ChromaLuxe panels using an industrial large format thermal printer.
The result is a unique feeling of depth and volume, exceptional colours and durability. An additional advantage is resistance to stains, scratches, aggressive chemicals, heat, even flame!
We believe that the work of the authors deserves the best possible presentation.
Welcome to the opening and see if we’ve been able to do that!

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